How does owning a physical asset that has strong links to a Finnish company valued at around 12 billion euros sound?

Not an investment in the shares of the Scandinavian company, but potentially owning your own company who supply them?

That’s the pretty lofty potential of the alternative investment topic I’ve written about in the September subscribers only guide. It’s a reasonably high minimum investment, but probably not as much as you might think.

That Finnish company are planning (as at July this year) to invest an eight-figure sum into premises and operations in this particular country, and you and I dear readers could get in on it while it’s still very much under the radar – but ahead of a massive global trend.

You won’t know of anyone else looking at this right now, I’m pretty sure of it.

So just by becoming a Guerrilla Investors subscriber, you could gain all the information about this opportunity plus the exact next steps you need to take.

As it’s not a regulated financial investment, I can give you the full details.

Worth the £79 monthly subscription just for this?

Quite possibly.

Remember you’re free to cancel at any time, it’s just that I probably won’t let you back in later.

But why would you want to come back if the guides aren’t right for you?

That’s why I send my Spend It Wisely booklet out in the post almost immediately after you sign up, as if you decide the guides aren’t pushing you towards your financial goals, then at least you’ll have made back the £79 pretty easily.

The action taking subscribers and I will move towards our financial independence, whether you’re with us or not.

Decision time ystavat:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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