I’ll be the first to admit that my recent success since switching out of my ten or so cryptos into just one was a bit of a fluke.

I’d read around a bit, but my main reason for pooling my (not exactly big amounts of the likes of) TRON, Stellar Lumens, Monero, Cardano plus some lesser known ones into just Tezos – was simplification.

What’s happened in the eight or so weeks since has been pretty cool, but a total fluke.

Essentially Coinbase (and now Binance and a few others) have decided to reward holders of Tezos.

As such, and as happened with coins like Ontology when they did it, the price has gone up – quite a lot (about 40% at the time of writing).

Now don’t get all excited that I’m going to become a squillionaire (as I’m sure you would), as I only had less than $500 left in my Binance account after exiting the majority of my crypto in late 2017 and early 2018.

Tezos does have a pretty big potential for growth, but I don’t think this is where my fortune will be made (although at least I took action and bought a ‘lottery’ ticket).

I do however think that the topics we’ll be discussing at the first ever GITogether in Portugal in April 2020 have the potential to do it – with a lot less risk of losing all of your capital, and decades or even centuries of investment history.

You can still ask me the odd crypto related question over drinks or dinner, but I will likely just point you to one of my favourite books on the topic as I’m no expert.

In other news, last week new regulation came into effect in the peer-to-peer industry (where I hold a Non-Exec role).

It’s a pretty big deal, making it harder for retail investors to get involved.

We’ll see how it plays out over the coming months.

I don’t see a high likelihood of a change in regulation in the areas we’ll be discussing in April, and all of the topics relate to liquid investments so the impact shouldn’t be at all severe even if I’m wrong.

These are the reasons why acting on any of them will allow you to take control of your financial future – just as I’m doing and some of your fellow Guerrilla Investors community are also doing from what I hear and learn.

Once those spaces are filled you’ll need to wait to see when any new events are launched – I have no plans to do so as yet.

To secure your place and put your financial future at the top of your priorities in 2020, go ye here:


All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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