What products do you sell?


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We weren’t taught this stuff at school, now’s the time to learn if you want to achieve better and more diversified returns which may even allow you to quit your day job.

How do you know all this stuff?

I’ve worked in the Financial Services industry for over ten years. During this time I climbed the corporate ladder through finance departments and risk and analysis roles. I have an interest in all things alternative, but especially the alternative investment industry, and have invested significant amounts of my own money into various products.

Some have worked out better than others, but with each step I’ve learned something which I now want to teach to this great community.

Do you provide financial advice?

Negative. The Financial Conduct Authority have very strict rules about what I can and can’t say. I have therefore engaged a compliance expert to help me to bring these guides to the market. You won’t find any advice, opinion or recommendation within the guides. If you choose to invest in a particular alternative investment, you do so at your own risk. If you’re unsure, you should seek professional advice, but bear in mind your typical Independent Financial Adviser may not know about a lot of these investment opportunities. The only thing I will say is never put any more into one investment than you can afford to lose the whole 100% of.

Do you provide a money back guarantee?

Nope, but if you take action based on what you read that thought will be very far from your mind.

Why don’t you cover the stock market?

Quite simply, because I’m no expert in it. I have an account with a well known platform where I can buy and sell shares, I just don’t like the idea of competing with professional traders, algorithms, and macro factors. I may at some point talk about options, calls, and puts.

Can you put me directly in touch with alternative investment introducers?

Depends on whether you can confirm you are a High Net Worth Individual, Sophisticated Investor, or Company Owner. Next steps for all different types of readers are detailed at the end of each report.

Do you actually enjoy writing these guides and daily emails?

Yep and yep! I read relevant content for about four or five hours a day. When I say relevant I mean personal finance and investment news and reports. You’ll hardly ever see me watching nonsense on the tv or reading mainsteam news. I just don’t see it as a good use of time.