One of my favourite things about living on this tiny island is the great names some people have for their hometowns.

Crollywood, or Croydon, is best known for being one stop on the train away from Gatwick Airport (or as a technology hub if you’re better informed).

Scarbados, or Scarborough, is based in the north east and right on the coast – best known for a Britney Spears concert in 2018.

Thinking of these made me think about the different names I associate with people living on this tiny island.

Por ejemplo:

Sleepwalking SOMBIE – which stands for Salary Only, Must Be Income Exposed.

These folks think that they can do what their parents did and just work hard in a job, pay into their pension, don’t take on too much debt, and all will be fine when they retire.

Which is basically sleepwalking into a situation where you run out of money long before you depart this world.

Because our parents (note that I too was a SOMBIE until fairly recently) had more or less jobs for life, companies (or unions) made sure they had a final salary pension waiting for them, and their houses went up between five and ten times in value during their working life.

The reality over the next thirty to forty years (until SOMBIEs retire) is that they will be made redundant at least once, won’t have a final salary pension at retirement, and their house will not go up between five and ten times in value – oh and it’s highly unlikely the generation below will be able to afford to buy their house when they want to downsize.

As I say, sleepwalking.

There are plenty of ways to avoid this and it just so happens that I’ve researched, analysed, and put my own money into a handful of the best options.

Here’s where to learn more:

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