The topic of the August subscribers only guide is EISy Does It.

If you’ve heard of this particular HMRC scheme then you’ll have an idea as to what it’s about.

However even if you’re a higher rate tax-payer and you’re familiar with Eligible Investment Schemes then I’m sure you’ll gain loads of new knowledge, including:

– How to reduce your investment exposure by as much as 70% (page 3).

– What the lower end of returns looks like (hint, it’s many times that of anything the banks can offer you).

– Different exit options and how the best one will dwarf any tax benefits.

– A real example so you can compare this to your current investment activities (or those of your adviser if you’re being naughty and not following my advice to sack them).

– My former Chief Risk Officer type thoughts on the regulator’s view on high-risk investments – this might be worth the subscription cost on its own as it could radically change your whole approach to investing.

The deadline to see this guide land in your inbox is midnight on the 31st July.

Miss that and you’ll miss out on adding this key alternative investment knowledge to your arsenal.

Why am I so keen for you to sack your adviser or never need to pay for one?

Because for the teeny sum of £2.63 per day you can learn risk analysis skills and about alternative investment topics that will last you a lifetime.

Sounds a bit better than relying on someone else and paying them a percentage of your total funds invested each year doesn’t it.

The lazies who want everything done for them can follow that second approach.

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Stephen Wallis

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