If you only get one opinion or quote, you’re surely missing getting the full picture.

Would you only get one quote on work you want done on your house?

Probably not.

Would you just believe every opinion a certain US President imparts on Twitter?

Hopefully not.

From a content point of view I utilise various sources, pretty much equally.

I read the BBC Business website for a maximum of five minutes every morning, I read emails from some alternative economists for about the same length of time (typically early evening), and I get a full review of the week from the I newspaper on a Saturday.

Various opinions, with very little time required to consume it.

Today’s email centres on a mistake I made when taking one opinion as fact when it comes to tax credits that are available for Research and Development.

This is UK specific, however I’m sure readers in other countries will find similar schemes operate in their home nation.

But back to the topic.

A few months ago I watched a webinar by a company who seemed to have spent a fair chunk of money on marketing to generate new leads, and were going down a good route with the free webinar.

I was watching wondering if my unique and brand-new work within Guerrilla Investors would be eligible, and switched off within ten minutes when I found out it wasn’t.

What I should have done was speak to other companies to confirm this assumption.

Instead I didn’t, but after connecting with and speaking to a new company I might actually be able to get some pretty hefty tax credits from the government.

I thought this was mainly applicable for companies in industries such as IT, FinTech, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals etc but now I’ve found out that scaffolding and even golf courses can claim.

The conditions seem to be applicable than they were a few years ago, probably no surprise when the government is looking to promote and aid innovation and business prospects in light of the uncertainty surrounding the B word.

Whatever the reason, if you’re a company owner or senior manager and you’ve always wondered if you might be eligible for R&D credits then drop me an email and I’ll put you in touch with my contact.

The company he works for cover a wide range of other services, but I thought this might be the most applicable area to my Guerrilla Investors community.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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