I was taking some time out to do a review of my 2019 a couple of weekends ago, and it occurred to me that I’d done a pretty large amount of free consulting this year.

I always thought a bit of groundwork and proving you know your stuff is needed in order to land consulting or Non-Exec work, but in fact that’s absolute codswallop (so Hiram Codd, British soft drink maker of the 1870s, would say).

Coming to this realisation I’ve been able to focus on what I should be doing each day, not what other people would like me to do.

And it’s been ace.

I’ve pushed back on quite a few things since then, and will continue to say no to almost everything so I can focus on my two preferred utterly unregulated investment ideas (with the third of those eight to be implemented in the future).

I think this respect for your time becomes even more important when your income is fully linked to your hourly rate – such as happens with consultants and Non-Execs.

If you’re salaried and your employer is charging you out at a higher rate than they’re paying you then it’s less important – but if you’re self-employed then it’s chuffin crucial.

Which has finally dawned on me.

To skip this stage in your own portfolio career, in hops my NED Gigging guide which teaches those who are looking to exchange their time for money through Non-Exec roles how to, and how not to go about landing them.

It’s currently on offer as follows:

1. The NED Gigging booklet at a £75 discount (use NED75 at the checkout).

2. A bonus appendix at the end of the booklet teaching all about acquiring businesses using none of your own money (this went out to subscribers earlier in 2019 so if you already have that you’ll need to decide for yourself if the main booklet is worth purchasing).

3. A 29-minute call with me after you finish reading the booklet, where you can ask anything you want about what you’ve read and I’ll even provide a few weeks ongoing support via email.

Personal time rewarders can go here:


All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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