Case in point.

I have breakfast with my kids every morning more or less. As I don’t trust my Spotify playlists regarding the odd F-bomb, or to scare them with some heavy rock – we listen to the radio.

A few days ago, Radio X ran an advert promoting a new podcast.

As I’ve only ever heard radio stations promote their own presenter’s podcasts I listened in, thinking this could be a collection of the best Comedy Dave’s tedious links from the old Chris Moyles Breakfast Show.

But no.

Instead this was an advert for a podcast where a presenter asks guests to guess the age of certain celebrities – and I kid you not, the example was the Cheeky Girls.

I just about contained my own F-bomb tirade.

Nonsense like this reminds me how important it is to curate the content you consume.

Be that mainstream “Breaking News!”, social media, alternative news, and yes, podcasts.

I’ve spent the past few years reducing the ways I receive information, if that’s the right term for it.

I read an actual newspaper on a Saturday (as it summarises the past week), and as such I ignore the mainstream news apart from a quick glance at BBC Business for two minutes each morning.

I’ve barely visited Facebook for longer than I can remember, and the only other social media I use is LinkedIn for obvious reasons.

I do however pay for a number of subscriptions to free-thinking alternative economists and business people.
And that’s about it news wise.

This leaves plenty of time to research, analyse, and act upon various alternative investment topics and ideas.

The result of some of this work is my Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas booklet, which is currently available at a £150 discount off the normal price.

Procrastination is not recommended as it will jump back up to the full price soon, and at that point you won’t be able to get access to my eight-part video series telling you ways to Create Your Own Bank either.

Here goes my Comedy Dave attempt…

Utterly Unregulated Investment Ideas is a booklet about alternative investments.

Alternative investments can help you to diversify and amplify your income.

Income is what companies make, if they’re any good.

Good is not something certain Libor fixers have been, and they were bankers.

But if you don’t want to speak to a banker, and instead Create Your Own Bank,

Then you could head on over here and get some videos about this as your bonus.


All the details are here:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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