Over the weekend I was chatting to a friend in my town who is taking a keen interest in what I’m doing with Guerrilla Investors, however I caught him out when he tried to give me some advice.

He was asking if I might want to dumb down the content, in order to appeal to more people.

It’s a fair question, if you’re the type of educational company that wants to appeal to the masses.

I don’t, as I’m pretty sure I can’t help most people.

That’s because most people want everything handed to them, putting in no work or effort themselves, and still be Scrooge McDuck wealthy in the next two years with a nice pension pot ready to fund their travelling in retirement.

Er, so how are you actually going to do that?

What actions did you take today to get you closer to that goal?

And are you following or ignoring the mainstream (who are not Scrooge McDuck wealthy)?

If I asked most people those three questions they would look at my blankly, or tell me how they’re too busy with work/family/something else.

The action takers I want as subscribers and customers in Guerrilla Investors would be able to answer these three things straight away, or with only a little thought.

These people I can help, the masses not so much.

For the small group of people (compared to how many are on this here planet) who want to take control of their financial future, instead of leaving it to chance or worse: an expensive adviser – a Guerrilla Investors subscription might be what you’ve been looking for.

I’ve created a page which explains the subscription product and what you can expect to get in return, the link is at the bottom of this email.

So how did I catch this mate out?

I asked him if he just reads the odd blog post on the website or if he’s on the daily email list?

It’s the former, meaning he can’t expect to increase his knowledge and build on that each day, as he’s not reading the emails every day (and potentially one day taking the leap and subscribing).

So I’m still pretty sure I can’t help him, we’ll see if I’m wrong.

Action taking people who don’t need any of this dumbed down can get the full gist here:


All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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