In this blogamatic mini-series we’ve looked at the threat and solutions to Clause 24, and why group think can be fatal.

We’ve taken a brief tour of estate planning and inheritance tax (IHT) and agreed that estate planning is good.

And IHT is bad. Like, Vader bad.

We’ve looked at presenting a small target to the world by controlling everything and owning nothing and brought things together with a case study; the Grosvenor Estate Trust.

Until now we’ve talked about problems (almost) exclusively, so now it’s time to talk about a solution.

That solution has a name, the Umbrella Asset Trust (the UAT). And it is a very effective piece of kit indeed.

It can protect your wealth and assets from third party threat, solve the problem of Clause 24, give you the estate and succession planning options that you need, and give you the opportunity to shape the nature of your legacy for the next century.

The Umbrella Asset Trust (UAT) is a legitimate means of protecting personally owned assets and managing them in a tax neutral and creditor protected environment. It can be used to protect property, post tax cash, shares, bonds, alternative investments, and more – in the UK and worldwide.

And it operates very simply.

Assets are transferred to an offshore company, settled on trust and then control given to a UK management vehicle. You run the UK management vehicle. You control but you do not own.

You draw an income for managing the vehicle allowing you flexibility of tax position but protecting you from any whiff of tax avoidance. The assets, the gains, and the income are protected and sit within a tax neutral environment. When it comes to estate planning you pass control of the assets, not ownership.

Refinancing is not a problem as you maintain an income (your SA302’s look healthy) and you hold the title to each asset in your own name on behalf of the trust. The bank can take a charge, so everyone is happy.

If you would like to find out more all you need is a spare hour and a working internet connection.

If you have both of those things and a sense of curiosity, hit reply and I’ll put you in touch with my friend who can tell you the full details.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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