Breaking news!

Something happened, then something else sort of happened, follow by something else!

I chuffin hate breaking news alerts on my phone, they’re so distracting.

The one last night was after this vote about the Brexit plan.

I believe there was then a no confidence vote, and something else will have happen today.

I find it all a bit tedious and boring.

Until there is something that actually requires me to do something different to what I was going to do the following day, I will ignore these alerts.

Today, as with every Wednesday, I spent the morning with my three-year-old son.

We played trains after breakfast, followed by trains at the train station café in our town, followed by a train game he invented at the library.

I didn’t feel the need to panic and change those plans, however important the BBC felt this news was last night.
Having said that, I have a background in risk and analysis.

So I’ve been actively seeking out, and acting on, alternative investments which are Brexit proof.

It’s why I wrote about litigation funding for January’s report.

It’s why the previous one was about sports betting.

And it’s why I will be travelling to Panama early next month.

Panama doesn’t care what happens to Brexit

Nor do sports teams

And nor do legal cases.

Brexit, or whatever happens, might however affect your job or investments directly.

If you want to minimise or eradicate the impact, you might want to become a Guerrilla Investors subscriber or small group member.

Not breaking news!

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All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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