The September guide is a bit longer than the last two, as I decided to include a bonus section.

Although this guide covers two investment topics in one go, I thought it would be helpful to readers to discover another opportunity which may or may not stick in the forefront of your mind as the global political and economical shenanigans play out over the coming months.

As with a previous guide, I’ve basically told you about a very specific plan B I have in place for my family and I – should we ever think it necessary to make a move abroad.

I’m constantly looking into and refining these thoughts, more on my other ideas in the coming months.

The one I’ve included as a bonus in the guide that goes out tomorrow is a great idea mainly because this particular country is so welcoming to foreigners, who are treated more or less the same as those born in that country.

It’s maybe why certain neighbours have been moving to the capital city in droves, my contact on the ground says a school he knows of is already at 10% of this other nationality when that was barely 1% not that long ago.

But only the reasonably wealthy and mobile are able to relocate so easily.

I’m pushing hard for this particular country to be our choice for a year in a Spanish speaking country in 2022 – my wife is open to it so I’ll keep you posted dear readers.

Depending on certain events here in the UK, that timeframe may be brought forward.

The key information you need to know about giving your own family a really viable Plan B is contained in the guide that goes out to subscribers tomorrow.

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