Feel free to ask me to get the first round in if we see each other at any point next summer.

That’s because I will have reduced two or three of our biggest monthly outgoings to zero, and will happily buy you a pint in our inexpensive northern market town (cheapest pint is currently £1.40 but I won’t insist you have that one).

Childcare costs will be gone – woo hoo!

Monthly car payment will be gone – finally.

And I’ll likely have also cancelled my income protection policy.

That premium keeps jumping up over 10% each year, which is really annoying. The only reason I still have it is because if something were to happen to me (not the worst thing) then our investment income is not yet sufficient to cover our monthly outgoings for the next thirty to forty years.

That will have changed by next summer.

Between now and then I’m expecting to have put in place various income streams and investments that will quite easily cover everything (less c.£700 a month having removed these three monthly bills) – to the point where it should be double our monthly outgoings coming in from these largely armchair investments.

Which my wife, and then later the kids, can easily manage.

Hopefully I won’t be struck down any time soon, which means I will continue with my Non-Exec work and building the Guerrilla Investors community.

However as a risk professional, and having had tonsillitis, glandular fever, and dengue fever all before turning thirty (and managing some of these ongoing), it seems smart to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

Don’t worry dear reader, all being well I’m going nowhere and nor is this community of alternative thinkers.

The only spanner in this open invitation is the fact that I’m not planning to spend next summer in North Yorkshire.

Instead it’s pretty likely my family and I will be road-tripping around Europe for six weeks – something that’s pretty much only possible if you’re a teacher or you don’t have to ask a boss for time away from your job.

But the offer’s still there, if you can find me!

This is twelve months from now, your immediate action might be to join my Guerrilla Investors subscribers if you also have a risk mitigation mindset.

If so, details are here:


All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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