A subscription to Guerrilla Investors is a triathlon not a sprint.

Not a marathon as the usual phrase would say, as after you sign up you will need to do three things over the long term.

1. Read the guides multiple times (hence why they’re short), to make sure you really digest the information.

2. Feel free to ask me any questions over email to make sure you understand the topic and contents, especially regarding the next steps.

3. Take responsibility for whatever you decide to do next.

And that’s all before you go away and do your own due diligence and decide if this particular investment area is a good fit for yours and your family’s future.

As such it’s not for the sprinters who can see a finish line only 100 metres away.

If you’re serious about taking control of your financial future then you need to be looking five, ten, twenty plus years ahead.

If that scares you, then don’t ever subscribe and go and find a financial adviser or wealth manager.

They will happily deplete your investment pot over your lifetime, in return for whatever the regulator says they’re allowed to recommend to you based on your risk profile.

The Guerrilla Investors subscription, and in fact all of my products, are only for those people who want to take responsibility for their actions – and see the value in getting someone else to do the research and analysis for them.

Some will be armchair investments, some laptop, some active – but all will have the potential to diversify and amplify your returns.

If you take action.

If you know you don’t tend to do anything with new knowledge you gain, then stay in the slowlane and be at the mercy of the latest government’s actions.

The deadline to see the latest guide land in your inbox is midnight on the 31st August.

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All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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