My De-Cryptifying Crypto flash sale will end in a Bit.

So don’t take this warning Lite-ly

It’s a Stellar guide, even if I do say so myself.

The knowledge from which could Ripple through your life for years to come.

So don’t swerve it like NEO dodging bullets.

If you’ve got any desire to learn more about cryptocurrencies you would be BAT-ty to miss out.

Ok that’s all I’ve got.

To make it worth both our whiles I will get my printer to make physical copies of the fifteen-page guide, and I will also send you the two books I read and highly recommend.

The books cost £26 if you buy them on Amazon, but obviously you’ll only know which they are if you read the guide.
The doors shut on this at midnight tonight, and there’s no sales letter page for it.

You will need to reply saying you would like to buy the De-Cryptifying Crypto guide for £99, and I’ll send you the details for how to purchase.

All sales are final as always, so no money back guarantees.

A bit of Money-ro, and all of this can be yours.

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

Copyrighted and published by FOAR Ltd