A couple of years ago there was no way in the bad place I would have thought that betting would be a decent investment idea.

But therein lies the reason why.

Until then I just thought it was about ten-fold football accumulators that might have a chance of winning £10,000 from a £1 bet – which doesn’t sound much like a viable investment strategy to me.

These days I know there’s another way of going about it (especially as all returns are tax-free here in the UK, and there are ways of taking the emotion out of it).

You can find out a bit more here:

This video rounds off the GITogether additional informationers.

There will be other topics as part of the two-day seminar, but hopefully these four have given you a flavour of what’s to come.

Once those twelve spaces are gone, you’ll have missed an opportunity to learn about various ways to take control of your financial future (in more detail than you’ll find anywhere else, especially via Googling).

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