Looks like Trainsplit’s unique split-ticket offering has been copied.

Which was kinda always going to happen seeing as it’s probably algorithmable for anyone smart enough at programming.

Split ticketing (for those who’ve never heard of it) is a way to decrease the shameful cost of getting a train anywhere in the UK, and now it looks like it’s going mainstream.

Readers of my Spend It Wisely booklet will have known about this for some time, as it’s one of the thirteen sections in that immediately actionable forty or so pages.

This booklet forms part of my bonuses bundle.

It’s never on offer as it’s only £20 for that plus a bunch of videos teaching you how to Create Your Own Bank or get into Property – if that’s also in your plans or the reason for creating your own bank.

If you’ve got a spare purple bank note knocking around it’s a decent use of it.

But make sure you go to the link below instead of putting that in the post.

Details are here:


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