Those who bought NED Gigging or another product which included my network expanding (almost) free software suggestion – will have potentially already made some nice progress towards their Non-Executive portfolio goals.

Either way, here’s a bonus.

A couple of months ago I connected with the CMO (marketing) for Virtual Non Execs, Michael Mateer.

A super smart cookie, he’s easily the best marketer I’ve ever come across, and seems to be hell bent on boosting the number of Scots in Yorkshire (fourth kid due any time now and he’s younger than me!).

He and Ian Wright launched the platform very recently, hence why it wasn’t featured in my NED Gigging booklet, for anyone wondering if I’d held this information back on purpose.

Ian wrote an interesting bio email which went out yesterday and will be especially interesting to anyone (like me) who has signed up for, and being really unimpressed with, In Touch Networks.

Even if you’re not thinking about going down the Non-Executive Director route, it’s well worth two minutes of your time.

You can find the article here:

It’s £300 a year to join VNXD, which if you’re a company owner you can most likely put through as an expense (check with your accountant, don’t take my word for it!).

This gives you access to advertised jobs, plus a tonne of really useful training (the LinkedIn one is worth the subscription cost on its own).

But the cherry on the cake, and what stands it apart from In Touch, is the ability to speak directly with the other members through a messaging board tool, Chanty.

If you’re a business owner and would like an intro to Michael directly (he’s extremely well connected), or a Non-Exec or someone looking to build a portfolio, and would like to do the same – reply to this message and I’ll happily hook you up (as he always says).

If you would rather just sign up without the intro that’s also fine, hopefully speak to you in the Deal Room on Chanty if so.

And if none of this is of any interest, there’s always Love Island (I think).

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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