You may or may not have realised that your inbox wasn’t filled with UK politics stuff over the past few weeks, even though I should have mentioned what would happen to the FTSE 250 last Friday (it was sooo obvious, but I also forgot to put a long position in on Thursday night).

Doom mongering and excuses are still all over the mainstream news.

Luckily for you dear readers I have very little interest in that area of journalism.

So this email will instead just remind you that the GI bonuses are on sale and are packed with positivity including:

• How to reduce your outgoings (to kick start your 2020/pay off the credit card)

• Ways to create your own bank

• And various ideas for how to ‘get into property’ – which is still a viable option for lots of people regardless of section 24 and other attacks on landlords.

You just need to ignore the mainstream news and curate the content you allow into your brain.

The bonuses consist of sixteen videos and a physical booklet, and contain immediately actionable ideas.

If you’re reading this after Friday 20th December then you will need to wait for snail mail to kick back into gear before receiving the booklet. The links to the videos however will arrive to your inbox pretty quickly.

If you’ve purchased UUII or been a subscriber, you’ll have to decide for yourself if the other bonuses are still worth £20.

Whether the lessons and teachings can help you or I to buy our own private island is unknown.

Here’s the link:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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