Come on we all do it.

While you’re visiting the rainforest website, or tackling the crowds (not literally) on the high street or at the retail park/shopping centre – I’m pretty sure everyone pops a ‘present for yourself’ into the basket.

I did it a few weeks ago whilst purchasing a few presents and books for the kids – in went a portable DVD player seeing as laptops don’t have the drives these days.

Inexpensive, and at least it’s a present I know I’ll be happy to receive.

In keeping with this theme I decided to de-Scrooge and turn my Bonuses page and shopping cart back on.

This bundle is a bit of a faff to process, but for the (third of the cost of a plastic Barbie monstrosity or similar) princely sum of £20 it’s an introduction to some of the more expensive products I sell.

I’ve got a small amount of the Spend It Wisely booklets left before I need to re-order, and I’m opening myself up to the queues at the post office in the worst possible week – but those are the lengths I’m willing to go to for you, dear readers.

So if you haven’t yet bought your own Christmas present for yourself, here’s an option:

All the best,

Stephen Wallis

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