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Fantastic insight into the world of alternative investments, an easy to read guide to alternative investment ideas.

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If you’re the sort of person that hears something new and takes action to experiment and learn then don’t hesitate to sign up. Within 7 days of receiving my first report and with not much effort on my part I’d already more than broken even. And like everything Stephen talks about, the advice will compound!

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Stephen’s guides do a great job of cutting straight to the important information you need to know and explaining it in an easy to digest manner. He covers topics often left alone by others and has a unique blend of experience that makes his viewpoint even more valuable. Definitely worth reading!

COO, Knaresborough

John Smith

I really like the tone of them. They’re easy to read and informative.

Compliance Manager, Leeds

Have you prepared for your upcoming redundancy?

I was made redundant back in 2009 from my financial analyst job at a media firm in London. The credit crisis (as it was known at the time) was hitting advertising hard, so our team was halved. I was pretty happy about it as I was already planning to leave, and took...

What the GI Cashback?!

The benefits of becoming a Guerrilla Investors subscriber start with the monthly guides. These get sent out on the first of the month to all subscribers, are typically twelve to sixteen pages long, are full of what to do (less what something is), and have clear and...

Brexit shmexit

Breaking news! Something happened, then something else sort of happened, follow by something else! I chuffin hate breaking news alerts on my phone, they’re so distracting. The one last night was after this vote about the Brexit plan. I believe there was then a no...

Taking out 10-year-olds

Stick with me, this isn’t quite as bad as it sounds. And it isn’t my recommendation to invest in 10-year government bonds. Christmas is great especially the quality time with the kids. However, post new year it creates a problem of how to entertain the kids before...

It’s easy to get simple predictions right

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that you don’t receive an email on the 1st day of each month, unless you’re a subscriber that is. It’s the day on which the latest alternative investment guide lands in the inbox of those smarties. The Safe Haven Seguridad...

La ventana se esta cerrando

By climbing the corporate ladder, I learned a lot about finance, analysis and risk. By doing a qualification through the Institute of Risk Management, I learned a lot more. By removing myself from the corporate world I’ve been able to build key contacts in the areas...

Bonus section for action takers

The September guide is a bit longer than the last two, as I decided to include a bonus section. Although this guide covers two investment topics in one go, I thought it would be helpful to readers to discover another opportunity which may or may not stick in the...

Mi contacto es su contacto

The September guide is called Safe Haven Seguridad - which gives you an idea as to the region it might cover (although that’s one big region amigos!). My contact in this country is one of the most senior contacts I have in my address book. He’s a Managing Partner in...

You won’t find this info on the BBC website any time soon

Ever heard of capital controls? Greece, June 2015. And Cyprus, 2013. How about high denomination bank notes being withdrawn overnight? India, November 2016. And Argentina and Italy are potentially a few months away from defaulting on their debt obligations. All of...