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Fantastic insight into the world of alternative investments, an easy to read guide to alternative investment ideas.

Banking Consultant, Birmingham


If you’re the sort of person that hears something new and takes action to experiment and learn then don’t hesitate to sign up. Within 7 days of receiving my first report and with not much effort on my part I’d already more than broken even. And like everything Stephen talks about, the advice will compound!

Business Transformation Lead, Bath


Stephen’s guides do a great job of cutting straight to the important information you need to know and explaining it in an easy to digest manner. He covers topics often left alone by others and has a unique blend of experience that makes his viewpoint even more valuable. Definitely worth reading!

COO, Knaresborough

John Smith

I really like the tone of them. They’re easy to read and informative.

Compliance Manager, Leeds

Fancy a weekend in Crollywood or Scarbados?

One of my favourite things about living on this tiny island is the great names some people have for their hometowns. Crollywood, or Croydon, is best known for being one stop on the train away from Gatwick Airport (or as a technology hub if you’re better informed)....

What the Shelby Company Limited can teach a Guerrilla Investor

“Fortunately, we have other sources of income.” Thomas Shelby, Peaky Blinders S5 E1 Thankfully the brilliant Peaky Blinders has returned to the BBC, this time for its fifth series. In the first episode the director went against the previous way of expecting us to...

Have you prepared for your upcoming redundancy?

I was made redundant back in 2009 from my financial analyst job at a media firm in London. The credit crisis (as it was known at the time) was hitting advertising hard, so our team was halved. I was pretty happy about it as I was already planning to leave, and took...

What the GI Cashback?!

The benefits of becoming a Guerrilla Investors subscriber start with the monthly guides. These get sent out on the first of the month to all subscribers, are typically twelve to sixteen pages long, are full of what to do (less what something is), and have clear and...

Brexit shmexit

Breaking news! Something happened, then something else sort of happened, follow by something else! I chuffin hate breaking news alerts on my phone, they’re so distracting. The one last night was after this vote about the Brexit plan. I believe there was then a no...

I trade you one less round of drinks…

…For my bonuses bundle. Statistics seem to vary depending on the age group, but it’s said that roughly 50% of UK adults have no savings. Which proves to be a problem when the car breaks down, or some other unexpected bill pops up (or you overspend around Christmas)....

A non-politics haven called Guerrilla Investors Island

You may or may not have realised that your inbox wasn’t filled with UK politics stuff over the past few weeks, even though I should have mentioned what would happen to the FTSE 250 last Friday (it was sooo obvious, but I also forgot to put a long position in on...

On the something day of Christmas

Ok, we may not be each other’s true love, and there are 16 videos on the bonuses bundle which means even if I’d thought of this earlier it wouldn’t have worked. Buuuuttt, Over recent months I’ve created numerous products, reports, services etc and in almost all...

A Christmas present for yourself

Come on we all do it. While you’re visiting the rainforest website, or tackling the crowds (not literally) on the high street or at the retail park/shopping centre – I’m pretty sure everyone pops a ‘present for yourself’ into the basket. I did it a few weeks ago...

Flukey crypto investing

I’ll be the first to admit that my recent success since switching out of my ten or so cryptos into just one was a bit of a fluke. I’d read around a bit, but my main reason for pooling my (not exactly big amounts of the likes of) TRON, Stellar Lumens, Monero, Cardano...